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Most people do not seem to be aware of this little animated gem. Dark Fury bridges the gap between Pitch Black and the Chronicles of Riddick. It was released June 14, 2004 on DVD.

David Twohy, writer/director extraordinaire is credited for the story, while Brett Matthews is credited for the screenplay. Brett Matthews is well known for his Lone Ranger comic book series from Dynamite Entertainment, as well as writing for the Supernatural TV series on the CW. The film was directed by Peter Chung of Aeon Flux, Reign the Conqueror and Matriculated fame.

The story picks up with Riddick, Imam and Jack floating in a interstellar shipping lane after the events of Pitch Black. They are picked up by a mercenary ship called the Kublai Khan. The ships captain, Chillingsworth is in a habit of collecting and preserving formidable killers via a form of cryogenic freezing. Riddick just shot to the top of her list.

I really like this movie. The run time is only 34 minutes, but it doesn't feel like that. A lot of action and even some nice character development for Jack towards the end really give you a lot of bang for your buck. It looks like a different animation house might have finished the movie, as the animation looks different towards the end. Other than that I can't find any fault with this film.

It should be noted this film is only available on DVD, it is not included with any of the BluRay collections released so far. Your best bet is to get the Riddick Trilogy DVD collection or just by it on its own.

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