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The Chronicles of Riddick is the second live action film to feature Vin Diesel as Richard B. Riddick. It follows the events of Pitch Black and Dark Fury. Unlike Pitch Black which was a scifi horror movie, the Chronicles of Riddick makes the leap to a scifi fantasy epic.

While Riddick is in a self imposed exile, a vast army of death worshipers have begun conquering the galaxy. They called themselves Necromongers and their goal is to convert as many followers as possible before they reach the Underverse. The Underverse is a parallel universe, their leader the Lord Marshal has glimpsed it himself. Just looking into the Underverse caused him to develop extraordinary abilities.

If Pitch Black was Space Tarzan, then Chronicles is definitely Space Conan. Riddick even has a dark wizard to fight in the form of the Lord Marshal, played to the hilt by Colm Feore. Karl Urban as Vaako and Thandie Newton as Dame Vaako also play high ranking Necromongers. Keith David reprises his role as Imam, with Dame Judi Dench playing the enigmatic elemental Aereon. Finally, Alexa Davalos joins the cast as Kyra.

The Chronicles of Riddick was written and directed by David Twohy. It was released on June 11, 2004. The production budge for the film was $105 million. The total worldwide gross was $115,772,773. The film can be described as polarizing to fans of Pitch Black. Some people liked taking the Riddick character and building an epic fantasy universe around him and others did not.

A novelization was published written by Alan Dean Foster, based on a screenplay by David Twohy. This novel is a must read for fans who are interested in an expanded look at the mythology of the Riddick universe.


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