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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay was released in the United States on June 1, 2004 for the Xbox, then on August 13, 2004 for the PC. It was released in Europe on December 3, 2004 for the Xbox, then December 8, 2004 for the PC. The game was an unbelievable pleasant surprise. It crushed the stereotypes often associated with movie tie-in video games and was universally praised by gamers and gaming magazines.

The game is a stealth first person actioner in which YOU get behind the goggles and stalk through the shadows as Riddick. This takes place before Pitch Black, with William Johns dropping Riddick off at Butcher Bay. As the game title implies, your objective is to Escape From Butcher Bay. Vin Diesel and Cole Hauser provide the voices for Riddick and Johns. Ron Perlman lends his voice as Jagger Vance.

The game was developed by Tigon Studios and Starbreeze Studios. It was published by Vivendi Games.

An expanded and updated version of the game was also included in the sequel, Assault on Dark Athena. If you want to play both Riddick games for a great price, Assault on Dark Athena is the way to go.

Escape From Butcher Bay Fansite Kit - Put out by the studios for fans to use in making websites devoted to the game. Contains images and other media. Right click and save as to download the zip file.
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